'Witches Of East End': Ingrid Has A Hard Time Letting Go Of Adam (VIDEO)

Ingrid was having some trouble letting go on "Witches of East End." Last week, her resurrection spell to bring back Wendy had a devastating result -- it took the life of someone she loved. And so, it was Adam who died. But Ingrid couldn't let that stand.

She used another spell to keep Adam's spirit around, but that one had some unexpected side effects as well. For one, a vengeful spirit followed along behind Adam's spirit and started targeting Dash. For another, if he didn't go to the other side by the full moon, Adam would be trapped on this plane forever.

As difficult as it was for both of them, she knew that she would have to let him go. And so, it was with a heavy heart that she conducted the spell to send him on. Hollywood Life's Andy Swift was impressed with actress Rachel Boston in that scene. "Hats off to Rachel [Boston] and [Jason Winston George]; that last scene reduced me to a messy puddle of a human," he wrote. "I always thought Rachel was at her best when she was spouting funny one-liners, but I’m also loving her serious side.”

TV Equals agreed, the scene was super emotional.

“Their romance was really sweet when he was alive and, now that he’s dead, it was even sweeter. Poor Ingrid had found her first love and lost him just as quickly ... A witch and a ghost making a life together obviously wasn’t feasible so I’m glad Ingrid came to her senses eventually, but that goodbye scene was really, really sad.”



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