15 Instagram Accounts All Witches, Healers And Goddess-Lovers Should Follow

May they add a little magic to your daily feed.

Witches, healers, herbalists and goddess-lovers of all types are sharing their wisdom on Instagram, and it's time we all take note. These accounts share a range of magical offerings -- from recipes for herbal remedies to hauntingly beautiful photography. Each in its own way reminds us that there's more to this Mayfair-tinted life than meets the eye.

These 15 witchy Instagram accounts are some of our favorites, and we hope they add a little magic to your daily feed.

Achintya Devi is the yogi and massage therapist who organizes the online community, Goddess Rising, described as a 鈥済athering of all priestesses, medicine women, gypsies, goddesses, yoginis, change agents, mothers, daughters, wives, witches, sisters, dakinis, mermaids, peacemakers, rebelles, earth angels, wisdom keepers, empresses.鈥

"Abeja" means honeybee in Spanish, and a reverence for nature runs through everything Sophia Rose posts on her Instagram account. Rose is a certified Master Herbalist and operates an apothecary in Austin, Texas. She frequently shares recipes, spiritual reflections and information about upcoming workshops.

Bri Luna is the "hoodwitch" behind this account, which serves as a site for "everyday magic for the modern mystic," according to her profile. On her Instagram account and accompanying website, Luna shares her wisdom ranging from Tarot card interpretation to crystal magic. Oh, and wonderfully witchy nails.

Diversity excites me. People, trees, mushrooms, plants, waters. I love them all, I love them all.

A photo posted by Grandmother's Medicine (@grandmothersmedicine) on

The Grandmother's Medicine Instagram account and line of herbal remedies is run by Vicky Salcido-Cobbe, an herbal healer who shares recipes, inspiration and reminders to commune with the nature that is all around us.

good mourning

A photo posted by 鈽锯殧 tilly garc铆a 鈫 鈭 (@_spirits) on

Tilly Garcia is the artist behind this witchy account. Garcia told Observer in 2014 that she seeks inspiration from 鈥渁ncient religions, shamans, alchemy, spiritualism, new age and so on鈥 for her art. Her posts are beautiful, eerie and macabre, as the account鈥檚 name may suggest.

This account is run by Amber Magnolia Hill, a Northern California-based herbalist who sells her hand-crafted herbal remedies under her line, Mythic Medicinals. Her Instagram account emphasizes 鈥渟haring plant wisdom & practicing sacred self care,鈥 with a focus on women鈥檚 wellness.

Last weekend in golden ferns (photo help from @cschwaber )

A photo posted by Courtney Brooke (@light_witch) on

#fbf to a self portrait in the old Quabbin cemetery in 2006.

A photo posted by Courtney Brooke (@light_witch) on

Courtney Brooke, a New England-based artist, is the "light witch" behind this account. Brooke writes, 鈥淚 strive to create a visual moment that urges the viewer to question spirituality, the human experience and one鈥檚 own connection to the universe.鈥

Southern California-based herbalist Marysia Miernowska runs the Gaia School of Healing, which offers herbal apprenticeships alongside its beautiful Instagram account. Miernowska describes the account in her profile as a space for 鈥渢eaching & practicing herbalism, plant spirit healing, wise woman tradition, earth magic, foraging, biodynamic gardening & sacred plant botanicals.鈥

Ancient Hearts is a wonderfully haunting account whose owner is unnamed but identifies as a 鈥淕reen Witch, Artist, [and] Photographer." Expect beautiful photography that may send a shiver down your spine now and then.

Lady Moon Visions is operated by Veronica, a yogi and 鈥渨itchy woman鈥 who shares wisdom gleaned from the Tarot deck, as well as offerings of mala beads from her Etsy store. She also does virtual Tarot readings for those seeking insight on a personal matter.

the witching hour is upon us

A photo posted by Burial Ground (@burialground) on

This witchy account is run by Jamie Mooers and Bill Crisafi, who developed a friendship over a decade ago based on 鈥渢heir mutual fascinations with occultism, magic, spirituality and a deep nostalgia for old New England.鈥 The pair shares photos of their hand-crafted jewelry and other magical offerings.

Woman Rising is operated by Joanne Ameya Cohen, an herbalist and flower essence therapist. The account shares beautiful photographs with detailed captions aimed at inspiring women to experience a deeper sense of connection with the goddess.

Nicole Braley, a self-identified witch, started this Instagram account as a place to share her spiritual journey into witchcraft. She also operates a store on Etsy where she sells 鈥減otion sprays鈥 made from essential oils.

This is the Instagram account for a New Mexico-based herbal apothecary run by certified herbalist Kate Clearlight. It shares recipes, inspiration for nature spirituality and beautiful photos of the surrounding Southwest environs.

A self-identified 鈥淐anadian Hedgewitch with Hoodoo influences鈥 shares her wisdom about the magical properties of herbs, crystals, candles and more on this Instagram account. Many of the objects featured in her posts can be purchased on her online store, and each post shares information about how the object can be used for magic and healing.

Did we miss any of your favorite witchy Instagram accounts? Tell us in the comments below.

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