With Faith We Move Forward

President Barack Obama has adopted the word "forward" as his new campaign slogan. The word "forward" embodies his vision for a better tomorrow, an aspiration to be commended. As we focus on this new vision for our future, it's helpful to understand what vehicle will be fueling this momentum for a better day for all.

Our destiny, though intimately tied together, can not be predicted by any certain terms. Especially under this economically volatile period, the challenges we all face in the future finds us eagerly dependent on hopeful expectations. More than ever, our reliance on faith offers us the best compass to gauge the likelihood of our success in the future.

Without faith instructing our will, our lives would be pretty much paralyzed and void of any action. Many overlook just how much we depend on this vital concept to govern our lives. Behind every worthwhile venture that consumes our energy and attention, faith remains as the hidden agent propelling our conduct forward.

When people hear the word "faith" they usually think of something needed to supplement our lack of knowledge in a higher deity. What possibly may go unnoticed is that faith in a higher deity also lodges itself in the core of our spirit ready to be harnessed at will for all of our endeavors.

Having faith in a personal God whom one believes created everything in reality shows that this creative act ultimately arises from an expression of his love. It is the source of this love that helps us utilize our faith in limitless ways. With faith we expect that our choices are in the providential care of God and we can be assured that whatever we commit ourselves to will be authorized by a power greater than our own who has our own well-being in mind.

If everyone knew with certainty the outcome of their choices, faith would be obsolete. Yet, we don't always feel certain about some of the choices we make so a level of faith is required to sedate our cares and concerns on the opposite end of our actions. Sadly, the messages of fear and uncertainty we face from the world today are slowly eroding away at the "shield of faith" we once kept close and dear to our hearts. Any mention of engaging in a daring enterprise of faith is soon to be swallowed up by the unkind assaults of public skepticism.

Faith is no longer a conscious ingredient in public dialogue. Caution and fear have gripped its hold so tightly around the minds of most people today that it seems perfectly natural to resign our hopes and settle for what we have. We receive advice, hear commentaries, watch the news and the spirit of the message is all the same; "we live in tough times," "life is hard," "it's a cold world out there." With no faith and hope coloring our public dialogue, how will we ever reinvigorate the faith in our spirit which is the true engine of the economy? Our material economy exists and thrives in large part from the economic force of our spirit. Faith now faces little room to breath under the growing avalanche of doubt and pessimism.

Practical wisdom has its place, but the decision to be real to ourselves rings more true than ever before. Our faith pumps the fuel into our souls that keeps us and the world going. It drives us forward, forbidding us to remain stuck in mental traffic. Failure to let faith reign in our lives is a disservice to those noble features of our soul that like a lamp must shine brightly for the world to see. When one embraces their faith, one is limited in what they can achieve only by what they choose to desire for themselves in life. Now what will you decide? Are going to accept living under unwanted conditions? Or are you going to let faith move you forward? Only with faith we move forward.