Without our Free(ish) Press, We are Sunk.

Without our Free(ish) Press, We are Sunk. Please Help.
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Whatever proactive steps we take now — steps to protect civil liberties, human rights, global peace, and the health of the planet — and there are many of them ahead that we should and we must take, we are sunk without a free press. Sunk.

Institutional betrayal thrives on and breeds unawareness. Right now, and in the days ahead, we need individual, collective, and institutional courage. But courage is not enough; we also need awareness and knowledge. Our ability to be effective depends upon accurate knowledge and awareness of reality. And for that, we need independent information. Not just what we want to hear. Not just what others want us to hear. We need information that is as accurate, as unbiased, and as freely told as possible.

The Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Pro Publica, The Guardian, The Atlantic — they are not perfect, but we desperately need them nonetheless. And we need to help keep them as independent as we possibly can and that means sustaining our free press through subscriptions and donations.

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