Without Shame: Destroying the American Dream

The middle-class is dead! Their buying power eroding despite the band-aids applied over the last 30 years to stanch the hemorrhaging economy.

As a result, the economy continues down a dark path.

Shamelessly, Republicans block or dilute every program that would help 98% of the American people.

Attempts by the Democrats to help 'all' Americans are incessantly attacked by the right-wing in lock-step unity displaying complete disdain for our citizens and our country.

Republican's have diluted healthcare, weakened financial reform, hold the unemployed hostage, delay assistance for small businesses, block job creating moves to renewable energy, support big salaries and huge bonuses for the wealthy, and prevent the proper levels of taxation that will help decrease the budget deficit.

Republican policies and ideas got us into this mess and they want to return to power determined to completely kill this country.

It's easy to see how they've destroyed the American Dream and why we will slip back into recession and possibly further -- into a depression.

Most disconerting are the lies they create to frighten the people into believing their position is righteous.

Though claiming to support family values their lies portend the opposite.

From espousing death panels to doctors leaving the profession, higher bank fees and atrophing credit, calling the unemployed lazy and claiming that Social Security is a social program, after years of stealing our money from the general fund, they continue to lie.

It is frightening to see how Republicans have, through their fabrications, convinced the sheep that the problems created by the Bush Administration and a Republican Congress are Obama's and the Democrats' fault.

The blame game is played well by the Republicans. The ability to ignore their complicity is, at the same time, admirable and detestable.

No one should be allowed to forget that, Gramm/Leach/Bliley (banking), the Commodity Futures Modernization Act (Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia and others), the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (5,000 dead, 30,000 severly disabled), and other failures were policies and legislation of and by Republicans.

Include the bank bailouts (Paulson and Bush); unfunded programs like Medicare Part D and two never-ending wars that created huge deficits and more than doubled the national debt; the failures of Hurricane Katrina; and the Gulf disaster, each caused by Bush and the Republicans. We are still paying dearly for them.

Their lies and policies leading to the destruction of this great country are tantamount to high treason.

An incapable lot, most unworthy of serving the American people as our forefather's envisioned.

Wreckless disregard for the truth is evident when listening to right-wing crazies led by Michelle Bachman, Marsha Blackburn, Louie Gohmert, Virginia Cox, Joe Barton, and others.

Electing inane Tea Party Republicans like Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, Christine O'Donnell, Joe Miller, and Ken Buck to Congressional service would be insanity!

The Republican's serve another master; corporate greed! They support the redistribution of wealth upward.

We are approaching a critical time in our history -- a turning point.

There are two path's from which to choose: one leads to continuing hope, the other to cataclysmic destruction. One to the renewed chance of achieving the American Dream, the other to increasing disparity between the wealthy and the working class -- bringing down the nation.

Shameless lies and disdain for the American People cannot and should not be rewarded.

The journey downhill has been 30 long years. The journey back will be harder and longer -- fraught with hardship and suffering for most Americans.

We must not cave-in to the devisive lies and inanity of the Right.

A move to return power to the Republicans will surely mean an end to the American Dream.