Without War, Generals Are Golfers

Yesterday I was reminded again that the biggest, most lavish construction in Iraq is the new one billion dollar American Embassy. That's the estimate, though only half of it has been approved. It will be the largest on the globe -- the largest the world has ever seen, the size of Vatican City in Italy. U.S. embassies typically cover 10 acres. This one, a 104-acre complex, will comprise 21 buildings: its own water wells, an electricity plant, and a wastewater treatment facility, and a huge swimming pool, making the enormous compound completely independent of Iraq. The terms of the agreement do not appear to be readily accessible.

Plans were started right after we went to Iraq and it will not be finished until after GWB is out of office. It would seem like Mr Bu$h has never had any intention of withdrawing, ever. He will keep changing generals until he gets one who agrees to "stay the course."

Obviously we must save money someplace. So...here is the plan. Cutbacks. I received a notice that Fort Lewis now has to handle so many body bags that mass funeral services for our troops killed in Iraq will be held only once a month because that will be less expensive. It will also be less disruptive and no doubt attract less attention. I hope not.

On top of that was the news that with estimated casualties and injuries now soaring over 600,000, veterans benefits and facilities have been further reduced. To save money they now classify many ailments as "preexisting personality problems."

This morning I received a copy of a mass e-mailing telling me that "Bu$h is a Winner." I felt much better after I read that.

Nutty nutty nutty...The inmates have now taken over the asylum and are tearing it down.

I feel like I am watching Spamalot with real soldiers.

Here is the really nutty part. We are told over and over that we must wait for decisions on our fate from General Petraeus, who evidently is now the boss.

Our nation and the world and "the decider" await a general's decision on what we must do in Iraq? A general who our president appointed will tell us what to do to make peace? Now that is the ultimate nutty!!

And if President Bu$h does not like the report from this general, our president (the decider) will go on appointing another and another and another general until he finds one who agrees with him. Maybe that is how President Bu$h will be a winner. Keep changing generals?

Will this most recent appointee continue to tell us "bring 'em on, stay the course...give the war more time" and that we must "complete the mission," whatever that may be? Of course.

I wonder if General Petreaus's first recommendation was the mass funeral "decision"? I hope not

Reminder: Generals are not hired for their compassion...that is not their job. Generals are not trained to make peace. Generals make war. Without a war, generals are golfers.

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