Witness Who Recorded Police Shooting Meets With Walter Scott's Family During Emotional Reunion

Witness Meets Walter Scott's Family During Emotional Reunion

The witness who recorded the fatal police shooting of Walter Scott in South Carolina met with Scott’s family on Thursday during an emotional reunion.

Feidin Santana, a 23-year-old Dominican immigrant, witnessed officer Michael Slager fatally shooting Scott on Saturday. He recorded the incident on his cellphone and later contacted Scott’s family who were the first to watch the footage. The video was later widely released and Slager was subsequently charged with murder and fired.

On Thursday, Santana reunited with Scott’s family members who embraced him with warm hugs. They hailed him as a hero for having the courage to record the incident and come forward with footage of the killing.

“I don’t know how this would’ve turned out without the video, I just want to thank you,” a family member told Santana, as seen in a video released by NBC.

Judy Scott, Walter’s mother, greeted Santana and hugged him tightly in an emotional embrace.

“For myself as a person and for them as a family, I know if I had been in a situation and they were the ones who witnessed it, I’m sure they would look for justice also,” Santana said.

During an emotional interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Wednesday, Scott’s brothers shared memories of Walter -- the “family man” as they described him -- and praised Santana for his work.

“For the gentleman behind the camera, that’s my brother,” Rodney said. “I mean he’s a definite hero, to come, stand forth and do what he did, he will never ever be forgotten.”

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