Wiz Khalifa's Stoner Rap Version Of Adele's 'Hello' Is Here

"Roll one up and let's get high ... "

It's safe to assume you've never heard Adele's "Hello" quite like this before. 

Rapper Wiz Khalifa freestyled over the songstress' hit during a Tuesday appearance on Power 106’s "The Cruz Show." The once-somber lyrics become a stoner anthem, complete with Khalifa's signature laugh. 

"Roll one up and let's get high," Khalifa raps, bobbing his head. "I am trying to get fried / I bought some weed and you can smoke / You tryna get high / I'm tryna toke." 

We actually think Adele would enjoy rapping the new lyrics, considering her outstanding rap performance in James Corden's "Carpool Karaoke."

"I heard a rumor that you, which may be surprising to some fans, are quite the rapper," Corden said to Adele. "That you can spit some rhymes, some lyrics. You've got some rhymes in your locker."

Adele confirmed Corden's rumor by slaying Nicki Minaj's verses in the song "Monster."

Watch the "Hello" singer rap below and prepare to be blown away. 

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