Epic 'Wizard Of Oz' Corn Maze Is A Movie Lover's Dream Come True

Behold: The Corn Maze To End All Corn Mazes

Click your heels three times, and get to Idaho quick -- because this corn maze is epic.

The Farmstead in Meridian, Idaho celebrates its 18th year of corn mazes -- and the 75th anniversary of "The Wizard of Oz" film -- with this 20-acre maze on a real family farm.

The thing is so big, it's split into two parts. And sojourners get wristbands with a phone number to call in case they need to be rescued.

But with a maze this magical, would we ever want to leave?


"[Planning the maze] takes us all year," said Hillary Lowe, who owns the farm with her husband Jim. "We're constantly thinking about it."

While planning the maze takes months, Jim is able to cut the entire thing in a single day using just a small tractor, says Hillary.

And getting through the thing is no small feat. It takes 20 to 40 minutes to make it through each half of the maze -- "Corn Cops" are on hand to help anyone who gets too tangled.

But don't worry, it's all in good fun.

"Agriculture is a huge part of Idaho," says Hillary. "This is a great way to connect with it and enjoy the fall weather."

Maze season runs through Nov. 1 -- hop on your flying monkey and get there ASAP.

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Amazing Corn Mazes

Amazing Corn Mazes

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