Wolf Blitzer Mocked For Posting Misleading Photo Of D.C. Gas Prices

Blitzer incorrectly suggested the prices of one high-priced gas station were the average for the whole city.

Wolf Blitzer fueled a lot of Twitter mockery after he posted a photo of the high prices at a Washington, D.C., gas station.

On Tuesday, the CNN anchor posted a photo showing that a gallon of gas at a particular Exxon station ranged between $4.29 and $4.79 ― which most people will agree is very expensive.

However, many Twitter users cried foul on the photo, saying that Blitzer was falsely suggesting those are average prices for gas in the nation’s capital. In reality, the high prices were due in large part to the station’s location near Capitol Hill.

Many people pointed out that the average gas price in D.C. was closer to $3.60.

Mediaite noted the gas station is within walking distance of CNN headquarters, but many people tried to help Blitzer get a better deal.

HuffPost reached out to Blitzer, but he did not immediately respond.