Wolf Blitzer Dances On "Ellen" (VIDEO)

Add Wolf Blitzer to the list.

The CNN anchor, who will host his final "Late Edition" this weekend with appearances from Dick Cheney and Nancy Pelosi, has danced with Ellen DeGeneres.

"If it's good enough for the President-Elect of the United States, I guess it's gotta be good enough for me," Blitzer told Jack Cafferty on "The Situation Room" Friday.

The appearance was taped Thursday and will air Monday on "Ellen."

Watch a preview:


Barack Obama appeared on "Ellen" twice, dancing first in October 2007 and then again in February 2008.

Blitzer's cable news colleague Chris Matthews is, of course, infamous for dancing on Ellen's show after he groped her and threw her to the ground during his appearance in March 2008. Matthews returned to "Ellen" in November, but refused to dance.