Wolf Blitzer Clashes With GOP's Steve Toth Over Guns (VIDEO)

Wolf Blitzer had a contentious back-and-forth about guns with a Republican state senator on Wednesday.

Blitzer spoke to Steve Toth, of Texas, just after President Obama announced sweeping new gun control proposals.

In the most heated portion of the conversation, Blitzer asked Toth if he supported universal background checks for all gun sales.

"No, I don't," Toth said.

"Why?" Blitzer asked, sounding slightly puzzled. Toth said that the "technology" existed to make universal checks unnecessary.

"What if some crazy guy ... wants to go to a gun show?" Blitzer said. "He can go buy a gun."

"First off that hasn't happened," Toth said. "But he could, technically, if there's no background check, if he had a criminal record, he can go to a gun show and he can buy a gun without a background check," Blitzer said. "Technically, that's obviously possible."

Toth started to say that "lawful" people purchased guns at shows, but Blitzer cut him off.

"There's plenty who aren't [lawful], Representative," Blitzer said. "Right now, you can be on the no fly list, you're not allowed to board a plane, but you can go to a gun show and buy a gun. is there a contradiction there?"

"Wolf, show me one time one of these criminals has gone to a gun show and committed a crime," Toth responded.



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