Wolf Blitzer Aggressively Argues With Michele Bachmann About Obamacare (VIDEO)

WATCH: Wolf Blitzer Grills Michele Bachmann Over Obamacare

Wolf Blitzer and Michele Bachmann had a lengthy, tense argument about Obamacare on Blitzer's CNN show on Friday.

Blitzer, who usually presents a reserved, dispassionate demeanor on air, got unusually feisty with Bachmann, cutting her off and deriding many of the things she said.

A sample exchange:

BACHMANN: “We know now the estimate from the government is that about 30 million people are going to be cut off their employer’s health insurance because of Obamacare."

BLITZER: "I don’t know where you’re getting 30 million people cut off! That's not true."

BACHMANN: "From the government!"

BLITZER: "You’re going to have to show me those numbers."

Watch the whole video above.

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