Wolf Blitzer Grills Mitt Romney On 'Hunger Games': Was It 'Too Violent' For Your Grandkids? (VIDEO)

CNN's Wolf Blitzer grilled GOP candidate Mitt Romney on a number of pressing issues on Monday. One of those urgent matters was the much-anticipated release of "The Hunger Games" movie.

The film adaptation of the bestselling trilogy opened to huge numbers over the weekend. Romney spent a day off taking his grandkids to the movie.

On Monday, Blitzer wondered if that was a wise choice. Romney told the CNN host that he "enjoyed" the movie. "Nice to be able to see a flick, first time in a long time," he remarked. He said that he had also read the books, which he described as "a weekend fun."

Blitzer brought up a picture that Romney son's Matt had tweeted of the GOP candidate with his family, and asked Romney to defend his decision to take his grandkids to the movie. "It's PG-13. Is it a little too violent for young kids?" he wanted to know.

"I think it's a little disturbing for young kids," Romney replied. "I think that PG-13 is an appropriate indication of the seriousness of the film. But I'm over 13 now."

"But you went with young kids, right?" Blitzer pressed.

"Just about that age," Romney responded.



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