Wolf Blitzer Clarifies Comments About Obamacare Delay

Wolf Blitzer Walks Back Obamacare Comments

Wolf Blitzer attempted to explain the comments about Obamacare that caused a frenzy on Wednesday.

Blitzer was speaking about the repeated glitches in the program's website when he said the following:

"They had three years to get this ready. If they weren't fully ready, they should accept the advice Republicans are giving them, delay it for a year, get it ready and make sure it works."

Naturally, a lot of people thought Blitzer was calling for the delay of Obamacare. RNC chair Reince Priebus, for instance, crowed about the apparent conversion:

Blitzer ultimately tweeted a response to the mayhem, saying he was only talking about the website:

Blitzer's problem was that the "advice" Republicans were giving Democrats was to delay the entire law for a year, not just the website.

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