Wolf Blitzer On GOP Poll Bias Claims: 'Fox News Polls Are Showing Almost Exactly The Same Thing' (VIDEO)

Wolf Blitzer had a ready answer on Thursday to conservatives complaining about the bias of polls showing President Obama ahead of Mitt Romney.

Right-wing pundits and anchors have made something of a habit recently of alleging that pollsters are skewing the numbers to favor Obama over Romney by oversampling Democrats.

"The models these folks are using are crazy," Dick Morris told Sean Hannity on Monday. Talking Points Memo made a lengthy mashup of "Fox and Friends" hammering the issue all through its Thursday show.

"Could there possibly be some skewing going on by the media, the left-based mainstream media?" host Steve Doocy said, later talking darkly of "media polling bias."

"The polls are credible even though you don't want to believe them," Juan Williams told the hosts in another segment, to no avail.

On Thursday's "CNN Newsroom," Blitzer said it was very "convenient" for Republicans and people on Fox News to demean the polls. But, he added, there was a big flaw in their arguments.

"What they don't say is that the Fox News polls are showing almost exactly the same thing," Blitzer said, reeling off a string of numbers. "...You don't hear them complaining about the Fox News polls. They're complaining about the others. So there's an imbalance there."

Blitzer also called out Karl Rove on Twitter:

(Video via Media Matters)



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