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Death Blow To Wolf Spider Spawns Short-Lived Brood Swarm

Unless it's a goliath bird eater, when a spider gets squashed with a broom, it generally dies and stays dead. But not in Australia, land of kickboxing kangaroos and dozens of other species that pose a clear and present danger to humanity.

Wolf spider bites, while painful, aren't deadly. But it's understandable that someone wouldn't want a bunch of them running around the house.

YouTube user Danny Ford of Hallett Cove, South Australia, got a nasty surprise when he smacked a wolf spider with a broom. Not only did the tough-as-nails arachnid not die, it also spewed forth hundreds of its brood across the tile floor. (Next time, kill it with fire.)

A quick sweep of the broom cleaned up the little guys, who didn't have a chance. Maybe they'll be reincarnated as puppies.