Wolverines: Conservative Rap Group Releases Single "O.T.P. (One Term President)"

Oh, brother. Another conservative rap group has dropped a blazing hot single criticizing President Obama and Democrats. This one's called "O.T.P. (One Term President)" from the new kids on the block the Wolverines (the frontman of the group writes for World Net Daily). Featuring Molotov Mitchell, DJ Dolce, the MZA and Constitution Kate, the song features such charming lyrics as "Whats the holdup? I'm still duckin rounds in the sand, man. I'm sick of smellin like a mosque after Ramadan."

While the actual songs of these groups show no signs of improving, the production values look to be on the rise. Make sure to vote for the most annoying group member in our poll below. Our vote goes to the MZA for his sleeveless button down shirt.