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Girl Accidentally Hangs Herself At Haunted House

A 17-year-old girl was found hanging by a noose inside a haunted house Thursday night, FOX 2 Now Saint Louis reported.

Patrons of the halloween attraction, Creepyworld, may have even walked past her, believing she was a "scary prop."

A haunted house coworker found the girl unconscious, and she was rushed to the hospital.

While authorities continue to investigate into what happened, KSDK reports that the girl remains in critical condition.

Capt. Ron Arnhart of the Jefferson County sheriff's office told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the girl was an actress who works with the company, and that the noose was usually used as a prop for visual effect.

"How she wound up in there is still under investigation," Arnhart told the paper. "Right now, it looks like an unfortunate accident."

Although the girl's name was not released, reports say that she is from Fenton, Missouri.

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