Woman Accuses NJ Pizzeria Of Giving Her Vulgar Receipt

The restaurant claims it's not sure if the receipt is theirs.

A New Jersey woman who asked a pizzeria to make her chicken wings extra crispy says she got a racist, vulgar comment on her receipt in return.

Loretta Smith Layne says she placed an order at Danny's Pizza Pizzazz in Bridgeton, New Jersey, on July 25 specifically asking the wings be "fried hard."

When the order was ready, she says that underneath the special instructions was the vulgar phrase, "fried hard like a black d--k." 

“I was very offended and upset and disrespected to get those words on a receipt,” she told NBC Philadelphia.

When the station contacted the restaurant, the manager denied the receipt came from the business and directed reporters to his dad, owner Danny Sommeling.

Although Sommeling told the station he was unsure if the receipt came from his restaurant, Layne showed the station text messages she claims he sent apologizing for his son, who he said made a bad decision that was “definitely not professional.”

 The Huffington Post reached out to Sommelling, who didn't immediately respond.

The website for Danny's Pizza Pizzazz states the restaurant has three locations and promises that "unlike some of our competitors, we treat our customers like we actually want their business."

Outrageous Receipts (EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)