78-Year-Old Admits To Sending Her Life Savings To Online Boyfriend Whom She’s Never Met In Person

Seventy-eight-year-old Irina says that three years ago, she met “David Olax Adams” when he “friended” her online. She says the man, 20 years her junior, “stole her heart” by sending her flowers, love letters and poems.

“I am in love with him. I do want to spend the rest of my life with him,” Irina says.

But, she has never met “David” in person. The two have communicated on social media and with text messages and emails, and they have spoken on the phone.

“I was lonely when I met “David.” My kids work and I was separated from my husband. He showed me a picture on Facebook and he was oh, so handsome,” Irina says. “At first, I questioned how a younger man could love an older woman like me, but he tells me all the time that he does.”

However, Irina’s son, Eric, and daughter, Monique, say they “know” “David Adams” is 100% fake. They claim that “David” is a complete fraud who has swindled their mother out of her entire life savings, which has left her facing bankruptcy.

Irina says she is confident that “David” is who he says he is and she wants to prove her family wrong. She says that he told her he was born in the Caribbean and is now an American citizen but is stuck in Nigeria. She says she has given him money with the hopes that he can return to the U.S.

“David went to Indonesia to buy materials to bring to America, and he even bought a boat over there. He ran out of money, and I lent him $1,000. But he keeps asking for money,” Irina says. She says “David” was en route to America when he was arrested for having medicine in his luggage and was put in a camp until he paid $1,000, which she also sent him. She says he was then sent to an Ebola screening hospital in Dallas, Texas. Irina says she tried to visit him there but she was never able to see him.

“I have sent David over $76,000. I’m out of money, all my life savings,” says Irina. “Now, he’s stranded in Nigeria for the longest time. He’s staying in a church because he has no money for a hotel and/or food. Now, David asked me for $500. I don’t have the money so I’m trying to sell my collectible items.”

Irina turns to Dr. Phil for help to bring “David” home to the U.S. “I do love “David” and I would like to spend the rest of my life with him, and I will go to my grave loving him,” she says.

Does this “David Adams” exist? What will Dr. Phil’s international investigation reveal? Watch more here.