Woman Afraid Of Kittens On 'My Extreme Animal Phobia' (VIDEO)

Grown Woman Terrified Of Kittens

While the rest of the internet purrs over them, one woman cowers in fear at... kittens.

On an upcoming episode of "My Extreme Animal Phobia," a woman named Sandra harbors a lifelong, irrational fear of cats; she believes that they are evil and out to get her. As you can see from the clip below, even seeing them from behind plexiglass walls is enough to set her off.

Sandra's sister isn't so amused, though. "Sandra is just going ballistic," she says to the camera. "The cats, they're behind the cage, it's not like they can get to her. It's like when she hears 'meow,' it's like she starts crying. I'm like, are you serious?"

The episode airs December 2nd.


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