'Women Against Feminism' Parody Twitter Account Says 'LOL No Thanks' To Gender Equality

The "Women Against Feminism" Tumblr has sparked some interesting conversations on the Internet, among both people and cats. And now we can add an LOL-worthy Twitter account to the long list of responses.

The Twitter account @NoToFeminism hilariously parodies #WomenAgainstFeminism (the account's bio reads: "lol feminism no thanks"), using sardonic tweets to comment on the misguided movement.

The blatantly misconstrued thoughts on feminism such as "I don't need feminism because my sex life is not a political agenda" are even clearer in a @NoToFeminism translation: "I don’t need fesimnim because I prefer old men to be in charge of my reproductive system it is comforting like putting on grandads cardigan." Well, when you put it that way.

Take a look at some of our favorite tweets from @NoToFeminism below:

I don't need fisimens because I like when men are chivalrous and open doors for me or give me their jacket or expose themselves on the bus

— WomanAgainstFeminism (@NoToFeminism) August 11, 2014

Feminism, shmeminism.

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