Canadian Woman Who Fell Asleep On Train Tracks Dodges Serious Injuries

The woman could've died if the train kept going down the tracks from where it stopped, an official said.

A Canadian woman barely avoided death and serious injuries after lying down for a rest on train tracks in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, on Thursday, The Canadian Press reported.

The woman came within inches of getting hit by the train, Prince Albert Deputy Fire Chief Alex Paul said. The situation could have been fatal if the train had not quickly hit its brakes, he said.

“The train coming along, at the last minute realized that it was a person on the tracks and they applied the emergency brake,” Paul said. “The locomotive came to a stop just a little bit over the top of the person, so there was no actual contact.”

The woman was brought to the hospital with only minor injuries, according to the official.

Paul reiterated that it isn’t safe to walk near train tracks. There were 39 trespasser fatalities in 2020, according to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, CTV News reported.

“Obviously we would recommend that people do not cross through the rail yard,” Paul said, according to CTV News. “It is private property, and it’s never safe to be walking near train tracks. You never know where a train may come, and there’s multiple tracks side by side.”

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