Woman Bares Her 'Lumpy, Bumpy' Body To School Body-Shaming Model

She called out model Dani Mathers' Snapchat in a spot-on letter.

Last week, Playboy model Dani Mathers made headlines for Snapchatting a photo of a naked woman at her gym (without her consent) with the caption, “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.” After hearing about the incident ― which was roundly and rightly criticized ― one mom in Florida refused to let Mathers’ body-shaming slide.

On July 16, Christine Blackmon posted a letter on Facebook to Mathers along with a photo of herself. In the caption, she wrote that her husband had snapped the pic after she had taken off her scrubs to change for a workout and was only in “shoes, undies and a headband.” After she looked at the photo, Blackmon asked her husband to delete it because she only saw “lumps and bumps.” She eventually let her husband, who said the photo was “beautiful,” keep it and used the photo to send an important message to Mathers.

”Here’s the deal ― you may have been a Playboy model but not all of us work out to be ‘hot,’ some of us work out simply to honor the bodies we were given,” Blackmon wrote. “That’s all that woman was trying to do and you violated her. Shame on you.”

Along with the hashtags #UnSeeTHIS and #AllBodiesAreBeautiful, Blackmon wrote that she wanted Mathers to see her in all her “lumpy, bumpy glory.” She told The Huffington Post the model’s Snapchat post immediately “annoyed” her, sparking her desire to speak up about body-shaming.

“That’s really important to me because I’m just like everybody else,” Blackmon said. “I have a body and I’m occasionally ashamed of it.”

Since being posted on Facebook on July 16, the photo has gotten more than 52,000 reactions and more than 6,000 shares as of Wednesday afternoon. Blackmon never thought her post would go so viral and said she was simply “tired of people being negative and mean.”

As the photo continues to spread, Blackmon hopes it will bring some positivity and self-acceptance with it.

“All around I just wish we could all just respect ourselves for who we are and what we are and quit trying to be someone else.”

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