Here’s A Quick Lesson On Why You Should Never, Ever Approach A Bear

The bear gave this woman a quick and memorable lesson in social distancing.

A woman in Romania tried to nab a quick photo with a wild bear. The bear had other plans.

The footage captured last week in Bacău showed the woman inching closer to the bear while someone nearby attempted to take a photo.

The bear suddenly lunged forward and the woman ran.

The unnamed person who took the video told licensor Viral Hog that in fleeing the bear, the woman leaped out into the road “risking getting herself hit by a car.” Fortunately, there were no cars and the bear did not give pursuit.

Romania has the largest bear population in Europe ― and the most bear attacks ― according to a study in the journal Nature published last year. That study found 11 deaths blamed on bear attacks between 2000 and 2015, a number that has since risen.

In one month last year, 3 men were killed in bear attacks, per the BBC. By December, local officials claimed that 8 people had been killed by bears during the year, leading to calls for more aggressive population control measures.

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