Woman Bites Attacker's Penis To Fend Off Gang Rape

She was struck by one of the men and hospitalized.

She fought back fiercely.

A 30-year-old woman says she escaped a gang rape by biting the penis of one of her attackers, according to reports.

The afternoon attack happened in a small apartment in Amiens, France, Le Parisien wrote.

The woman stopped one of the assailants by clamping down on his genitals with her teeth until he bled. A second attacker then struck her and she was eventually taken to a hospital, according to the French tabloid.

Courier Picard, a regional daily in northern France, noted that one suspect has been apprehended and charged with rape, while another believed to have participated in the assault remained at large. It was not clear from reports which suspect was taken into custody.

A third man, thought to have observed the Jan. 16 attack, was also arrested and charged with complicity.

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