Woman Blown Over By Jet Propulsion On St. Maarten Beach (VIDEO)

WATCH: Woman Blown Over By Jet Propulsion

UPDATE, 4:00pm: St. Maarten Island Time reports that two tourists (likely the man and woman seen in the video) were injured by the propulsion. A French male tourist suffered a broken leg while the woman, presumably the woman seen being thrown off the fence in the video below, received a deep cut to her head. Both were taken to the hospital.

PREVIOUSLY: In an act that can only be seen as stupid -- as opposed to brazen -- a beach goer on St. Maarten's Maho Beach tried to hold onto the protective gate as a JetBlue jet took off just beyond it.

Maho Beach is famous for its proximity to Princess Juliana International Airport, which services the large Caribbean island. It's been a tradition for beach goers to stand and wave at arriving airplanes as they land right over their heads, which is, of course, endearing, if not loud.

The Telegraph reports that the runway is short at some 7,000 feet long, and, as such, planes have to take off and land as close to the beach as possible. (For those who haven't been to St. Maarten, the other end of the runway leads into mountains.)

A passerby filmed an unidentified woman grasping the gates of the airport, testing to see if she was strong enough to withstand the power of a jet.

Hint: She wasn't.

Check it out below.

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