Megan Weber Breaks Arm During Charity Arm Wrestling Match (VIDEO)

It's the one thing you pray doesn't happen at a charity arm wrestling event.

Shocking footage shows a woman break her arm in a fierce display of force during a recent fundraiser organized by the Delaware Arm Wrestling Lady League, according to the Delaware News Journal.

In round one, Megan "Rogue Scout" Weber beat her opponent -- known only as "Sweet Treats" -- quite handily. But in round two, things were a little different. "Sweet Treats" switched to what can only be assumed is her strong hand in hopes of settling the score.

And that's when it happened: "Rogue Scout" had broken her humerus.

“Stuff like that, you never expect things like that to happen,” said Weber, according to the newspaper. “I was looking forward to a fun thing to do for a good cause. It’s nobody’s fault. It’s just a freak thing that happened.”

Not so humorous.

Weber, who works as a physical therapist, will probably stick to the spectator's section from now on.

I think one time was enough for me,” she said, according to the New York Daily News.

Heather Newman, a founding league member and a co-reigning national women’s arm wrestling champion called the event a success, despite the shattered bone.

“It’s all about women’s strengths,” Newman told the News Journal. “The show –- what everyone sees, what everyone gets excited about –- is watching women show off their strength."



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