Woman Charged With 'Castration' After Biting Boyfriend's Testicles

Domestic dispute takes painful turn.

A man whose testicles were allegedly bitten during a domestic dispute in Jacksonville, North Carolina, is recovering, an Onslow County Sheriff's spokesman told The Huffington Post Thursday.

Some earlier reports said the man had suffered either serious or permanent damage, but the spokesman said the victim required eight stitches and would eventually heal. "There was no actual long-term damage, nothing he couldn't recover from," the spokesman said.

Martinne Delavega, 51, was charged with malicious castration and assault causing serious bodily injury. The terms of the charges are probably what generated stories that painted a far more dire picture of the alleged victim's condition, the spokesman suggested.

Delavega also was hurt when her boyfriend fought back after she bit him. "She had no major injuries, none that required hospitalization," according to the spokesman.
Delavega was released on bond after the Sept. 10 arrest and is scheduled to appear in court Oct. 1, the spokesman told HuffPost.
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