Woman Claims Mom’s Abuse Made Brother ‘Snap’ And Murder Grandma

Joselyn claims growing up she and her brother were severely abused by their mother, Aaliyah. She says she remembers her mother’s “unpredictable” behavior from as early as 4 years old, which she says included her mother punching her in the head, cutting her hair and puncturing her skin and beatings with a belt.

Joselyn says after a huge fight with her mother at 15, she moved out of the house, leaving her brother, she claims, to experience the “full brunt” of their mother’s “rage,” which Joselyn says she believes may have contributed to her brother’s actions.

“When my brother finally did move out, that was his breaking point. My brother couldn’t take my mom’s abuse anymore. The way my mom treated him, it definitely caused him to snap,” Joselyn says.

“I believe that my mother’s murder could have been prevented had the adults communicated with each other,” says Aaliyah who claims she’s been ostracized from her family. “If I had had any say about it, I would have never put my son in my mother’s home, due to what I have experienced.”

Joselyn’s 17-year-old brother, Andrew, stabbed his grandmother, with whom he was living, 15-17 times, killing her. 

In the video above, Aaliyah confronts her daughter about her accusations.

“You were not in our home, and you didn’t talk to us. And any time that you came back to Hawaii, you were so volatile and you carried all of this with you,” Aaliyah says. “How many times can I cry? How many times can I tell you, ‘I’m sorry’? I’ve paid your rent ― I have done everything that I possibly can, Joselyn. What is it that you want from me to be able to move on past this? Or are you going to hold on to this like I did my mom?”

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