Lizard Found In Starbucks Latte, Customer Claims

The woman said she may be a tea drinker from here on out.

A woman in Phoenix got a jolt from her Starbucks latte and it wasn't because of the caffeine rush. 

Kim Dillon said she spit out a tiny, legless lizard from her sugar-free espresso drink last week, an experience that still disturbs her.

Her husband, Brian, was even more grossed out.

"It was a lizard," Brian told the station. "A little lizard! That she drank. That went into her mouth."

The couple put the reptile remains into a bag and took it back to the coffee shop, where employees apologized profusely.

A Starbucks representative told the station it was disturbed by the news and would investigate the matter. A representative for the Fry's Marketplace, where the Starbucks was located, said it is having a pest control company go over the property thoroughly.

The Dillons said they appreciate the efforts, but haven't said if they plan to sue.

They did tell ABC15 that the lizard-tainted latte may have turned them into tea drinkers permanently.