Woman Creates Registry For White Men (Until We Figure Out What's Going On)

It’s funny — in a dark, sobering, sad way.
Candace Thompson

Amongst all of the talk about forcing Muslim immigrants to register in a national database, it seems we’ve forgotten who the actual threat to our safety really is: white men.

That’s right. Unlike Muslims in the U.S., white men are demonstrably more likely to commit a mass shooting than any other group and they are the majority of rape perpetrators. So in the spirit of registries, one Brooklyn-based woman, Candace Thompson, created a tongue-in-cheek registration form for members of this most dangerous demographic.

“Forget the nation of Islam, our most immediate threat to domestic security is and always has been white, straight men,” she wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday. “That is why I have decided to do my part as a Red Blooded Patriot by creating The White Male Registry. It is a simple google form complete with questions that will help identify just how much of a threat to American security any individual white male may pose to the general public.”

(See the whole post below.)

The registry includes space for any white men, or anyone who benefits from white male privilege. It asks those registering to indicate if they have ever “made a derogatory comment about a marginalized group to another white male” or “interrupted a non white male while they were speaking to tell them how they should think, feel, act or respond to a situation,” among many other qualifiers.

Thompson told The Huffington Post that she’s gotten around 700 entries submitted in the 24 hours since she posted the Google Doc, and the response has been equal parts positive and negative.

“I’d say it’s about half and half as far as replies go,” she said. “A lot of genuine responses that are humble and honest, and then a lot of hateful ones.”

She posted an update on Friday, thanking the many men who have registered, as well as saying that she personally registered Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions ― both of whom have been given significant positions of power on Trump’s staff, and both of whom have long records of racist rhetoric.

Check out the website, All White Men, to see the registry ― and don’t forget to sign it if you’re a white dude! (If forcing an entire group of people to register based off of their sex, religion, or skin color makes you squirm...it should.)

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