Woman Discovers Her Cat Is Cheating On Her

This cat is a real cad.

It all started in 2000 when Alice Alexander of Wellington, New Zealand bought "Ming," a Siamese cat.

When the family moved to Strathmore in 2005, Ming would go wandering, often returning home not hungry and without his collar, which had his name and the Alexanders' phone number.

The wandering became more frequent, then in 2010 Ming disappeared.

Then in May, 2014, the "no-good, dirty cat," as Gawker refers to him, showed up outside Alexander's home, meowing as if nothing had happened over the last four years.

Through some sleuthing detailed at Stuff, Alexander was able to determine that Ming was leading a double life, with her neighbors, the Smith family.

Now Ming, also known as "Cleo" is the subject of a heated custody battle.

Ming/Cleo sounds like the cat equivalent of Ronald Stan, a Canadian man who, it was revealed this week, had been missing for 37 years after a mysterious barn fire. He was located by Canadian authorities who discovered he was living in Oklahoma.

Stan, according to his relatives, left a family in Canada and then started a new one in Oklahoma. Neither family knew about the other and the American family had no idea about Stan's Canadian past.

In short, nothing is how it seems and you should trust no one.

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