Woman 'Draws' Penis, Vagina On Football Field With Her Nike+ App, Wins Internet (PHOTOS)

Picassos they ain't, but these penis and vagina "drawings" created using the Nike+ running app are still pretty amazing.

The hilarious imagery originated from a bet, according to Redditor Alyxchosen. On Wednesday, the user posted the masculine masterpiece to the r/funny subreddit with the title, "Told my friend [I'd] give her $20 if she drew a penis for me with her Nike run. I didn't think I'd actually have to pay up..."

The friend created the football-field sized penis using her Nike+ running app, which allows users to map out their routes, track calories burned and share personal statistics. While certainly not the intended usage of the app, we've got to hand it to our creative athlete -- that is quite clearly a penis.

Not surprisingly, the first photo was a viral hit, garnering tens of thousands of upvotes on Reddit and leading to promises of a second drawing. The resulting work is more feminine in nature, but it still manages to convey the jogger's distinctive style: