Woman Dresses As 90-Year-Old For A Day, Has Shocking Revelation

Chivalry is apparently dead.

Ageism isn't something we usually think about until we're a target of it ourselves as we get older. To find out exactly how differently society treats its elders, 33-year-old British actress Roanne Pallett, volunteered to undergo a complete transformation and go undercover as a senior citizen for the BBC.

Pallett says she was raised by her grandma and so has learned to respect her elders, but says the rest of society is quicker to overlook them.

With the help of prosthetics and makeup, Pallett was shocked to see her appearance when she was transformed into 90-year-old "Doris" for the experiment.

Going about business as usual, doing groceries and walking around in a crowded city center, Pallett was disheartened after just an hour into her life as a senior, saying she felt "irrelevant and ignored."

Things didn't get much better throughout the day when people failed to assist her or even acknowledge her presence. Photographer Kyoko Hamada similarly spent two whole years pretending to be an older woman and chronicled her experience feeling "invisible" in a poignant photo book.

Check out the video above to see why Pallett said the experience was so "brutal."

h/t BBC

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