Woman Drinks Beer Though Her Ear? Czech Clip Appears To Show Crazy, Dangerous Stunt (VIDEO)

WHAT?! Woman Appears To Chug Beer Through Ear

Holy ear canals!

In a YouTube video that surfaced last week, a woman attending the sixth annual Czech Beer Festival in Prague appears to chug a beer with her ear. (We do not advise you to try this at home.)

The remarkable footage, titled "Unbelievable video -- woman drinks beer through her ear," starts with a woman in green asking for a straw. As her friends look on with a mixture of incredulity and excitement, the girl inserts the straw into her beer cup, with the other end stuck firmly in her ear. Blinking her eyes strangely, the woman proceeds to empty the cup of beer, as her friends shout encouraging words.

"That's not an ear, that's a funnel," one of them says in apparent amazement.

The video has not been verified, and a number of people have expressed skepticism online. Though the beer is not shown for short periods of time during the stunt, there is no readily apparent apparatus that could be used to surreptitiously drain the woman's cup.

Technically, there is a connection between the ear and the throat -- this is called the eustachian tube. According to Johns Hopkins Medical website, the tube is a narrow, mucous-lined canal that helps "equalize the pressure between the outer ear and the middle ear."

The Daily Mail spoke with an expert who said in order for this beer video to be possible, the woman in the video would have to have a hole in her ear drum. However, the expert added, attempting a similar stunt could lead to infection or even hearing loss.

If fluid gets trapped behind the eardrum it can get infected, causing hearing problems and severe pain, Dr. Aaron Rogers, an otolaryngologist, told CNN.

And so, once again, we must insist that you do not try this risky stunt. But go right ahead and watch the video (above), then let us know in the comments if you think it's a phony.

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