Jealous Woman Drives Car Into Wrong Apartment: New Zealand Police

Cheated-on Woman Drives Car Into Wrong Apartment: Police

A woman seeking revenge on her husband in New Zealand smashed her car into the wrong apartment complex, according to The Nelson Mail.

The paper said, the woman thought she was plowing into the home of her husband's mistress, but she actually drove through the wrong building.

The woman, 25, whose name has been withheld, pleaded guilty to causing almost $43,000 worth of damage to the property in the town of Nelson, according to New Zealand news site IOL..

The flames of jealousy were fanned when the wife read text messages sent to her husband from another woman, The Mail said. The wife, with her husband as a passenger, drove to the mistress's address. The wife allegedly drove through the complex's gates and into the garage of an apartment that belonged to someone else.

Cars have been recently been a favored weapon in cases of warring spouses. On Tuesday it was reported that a man tried to kill his wife by driving into a waffle house in Florida, according to local authorities. The woman survived the alleged attack.

The consequences were fatal in an April accident when a woman was killed after she answered the door as an SUV drove through her home.

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