Audreanna Phelps Finds God's Name In Vein On Her Leg (VIDEO)

Taking God's name in vain is bad, but having his name written on a vein is apparently good for a woman in Wichita, Kansas.

Audreanna Phelps was at the mall one day when she noticed the word “God” on her leg, spelled out on a vein, according to The

Not sure what to think, Phelps asked for her cousin's opinion, then sent a picture to her parents and, according to, everyone agreed it looks like the word God.

"It was more of an exciting feeling, very excited," Phelps said. "My family says in all their years of living, they've never seen that."

Her first thought was that God was telling her that her prayers have been heard and everything was going to be okay.

"I feel like it's a unique mark," Phelps told "I feel like it has meaning. I don't know what God has planned, but I feel like he's going to use me."

Meanwhile, the holy vein may be providing answers for Phelps, but it is raising questions for Ami Angelowicz of

"My first thought would be, I’m too young for varicose veins! And that’s why some of us are religious and some of us are not," she said, before adding: "If there really is a God, why would he or she choose to make contact humankind while shopping at the mall, the world’s least spiritual place? I guess God works in mysterious ways."


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