Jill Filipovic, Blogger, Finds Sexual Note Written On TSA Document Inside Her Luggage

After a weekend flight to Dublin, Ireland from Newark, New Jersey, blogger Jill Filipovic opened her suitcase to unpack her belongings when she found a handwritten note on a TSA form encouraging her to "Get [her] freak on girl."

Filipovic, who is a blogger for (and has blogged for The Huffington Post in the past), Tweeted a photo of the note accompanied by this message:

A Forbes staff member, who claims to know Filipovic, reached out to the TSA for comment regrading the sexually-indicative note that supposedly refers to a vibrator.

In response, the TSA issued a statement saying, "TSA takes all allegations of inappropriate conduct seriously and is investigating this claim," Forbes reports.

In her Feministe blog post titled "Your tax dollars at work", Filipovic acknowledged that the note was "wildly inappropriate," but she also pokes fun at the incident writing that she "just died laughing in [her] hotel room."

"I'm grossed out, but it's also hilarious," Filipovic told Forbes. "I've had that Missy Elliott song stuck in my head all day," she told

It is still uncertain who scribbled the message on the agency's document, but the blogger told ABC News that she plans on filing a complaint with the TSA after she gets home. "I hope they do see the complaint, they'll look into it and remind their staff that going through people's personal belongings is a responsibility that should be treated with some modicum of professionalism," Filipovic added to ABC.

UPDATE, 10/26: On Wednesday, the TSA wrote in a blog post on their site that an internal investigation found the responsible employee, who has since been "removed from screening operations" and is facing disciplinary action.
The TSA's Blogger Bob also added: "The handwritten note was highly inappropriate and unprofessional, and TSA has zero tolerance for this type of behavior. Agency officials have also reached out to the passenger to personally apologize for this unfortunate incident."

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