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Woman Sets Fire To Her Home While Trying To Kill Spider

Whatever happened to throwing a shoe at it?

A woman in Wales tried to kill a spider by spraying it with aerosol and then lighting it. And if a flaming arachnid sounds like a dangerous thing to have in your home, well, it is.

The blaze quickly spread, and the spider fire became a house fire.

The encounter led to what has to be some of the more unusual tweets from emergency services, like this one from South Wales fire official Jennie Griffiths:

Crews have just attended a fire in a house Kenfig Hill because the resident sprayed a spider with an aerosol and then set it alight 11:57

— Jennie Griffiths (@GriffithsJECtrl) August 6, 2014

South Wales Fire & Rescue Service also offered a suggestion:

Maybe that seems like obvious advice. But amazingly, this keeps happening.

In July, a West Seattle man tried to kill a spider in his laundry room by using a lighter and a can of spray paint to create a makeshift flamethrower. The confrontation did not end well.

And in 2012, a California homeowner using a blowtorch to clear cobwebs in his backyard did $25,000 in damage to his house when things got out of hand.

Sometimes, it's best to just leave the spider alone.

(h/t ITV)

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