Woman Gives Birth In Walmart Parking Lot -- With 3 Kids In The Car (VIDEO)

A man goes into Walmart to pick up a few things. His wife and three daughters wait in the car. When dad gets back -- surprise! -- he's got baby number four.

According to News 13, that was the scenario in Melbourne, Florida, on Thursday.

The new dad, who wishes to remain anonymous, exited the store and heard his kids yelling for him to hurry, WKMG6 reports. It seems that mom's water broke while he was shopping.

The couple declined to speak with reporters, but officials say that the mother and baby were transported to Holmes Regional Medical Center and are doing great.

"I'm just blessed they came into the world safe and healthy," one onlooker said.

Same goes for a different baby born in a Walmart parking lot last October -- in a dramatic incident recorded on a 911 call.

"I wish it was another location," mom Brandi told NBC at the time. "But she came out and she's healthy and it's a great story to tell her."

In this week's case, the new baby's family will walk away with more than just a baby and a good story. The store told WWMG6 that they will send the family gift cards and care packages, too.

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