Woman Gives Birth In The Middle Of A New York City Street

"These streets will make you feel brand new..."

Those Jay-Z lyrics were quite literally true for a baby girl who was born on a New York City street Monday evening.

A Fox 5 news crew caught the miraculous event on camera after noticing a large crowd gathering on the corner of Third Avenue and 68th Street on their way to film a scheduled story.

The woman was reportedly in labor when she was attempting to hail a cab to the hospital. But she could no longer wait and got to the ground.

A woman just casually gave birth in the middle of the street on the upper east side...

— NΞINCHRIS (@NeinCHRIS) February 24, 2014

Bystanders rushed to the woman's aid and wrapped both her and the baby in scarves for protection from the cold.

The FDNY confirmed the mother and child were taken to nearby Lenox Hill Hospital.

The woman has not been identified but Fox reports both mother and child are doing well.

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