Alex Clay, Denver Woman, Hears For The First Time In 10 Years (VIDEO)

For more than a decade, Denver resident Alex Clay has lived surrounded by silence. But that is about to change as the 27-year-old regains her hearing with the help of a new implant.

In this clip from the OWN series “Lost and Found,” Alex sits in nervous anticipation with her husband, Fraser, and her parents as the hearing device is turned on for the first time. Watch Alex’s emotional reaction to hearing her husband’s voice, her family’s sniffling -- and her own laugh.

“I sound so loud!” Alex says through happy tears.

After realizing that the device worked and that his wife could hear, Fraser shares what he experienced in those joyful moments. “All of a sudden, it was just an explosion of relief,” he says. “The only way that I knew what was happening was Alex’s face. Once she was smiling and sort of happy-crying, I knew everything was okay.”

"It was breathtaking," says Alex's mom, Jane Haffner.

Later in the clip, Alex reveals what it was like to hear so many strange, new sounds, from the crunching of fallen leaves under her feet to the everyday sounds made by her dog. “My dog’s bark is so much louder and so much higher-pitched than I had ever thought it was,” she says. “I enjoy hearing all the little noises he makes. I can hear his collar chain clinking together and his tail going back and forth.”

Now, Alex is eager to pursue her dream of working with kids, whose voices she calls “the best sound in the world,” and says she is so grateful to be able to hear everything in the world around her. “I absolutely think this is the start of my new life,” Alex says.

"Lost and Found" airs on OWN.

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