Woman Struck By Flying Buzzsaw Blade While Walking In Manhattan

A woman was hit by a flying, three-foot buzzsaw blade while walking past a construction site in midtown Manhattan Tuesday.

NBC New York reports the buzzsaw's blade broke off from the tool and then traveled nearly 100 feet in the air before slicing her leg.

The construction crew was working to fix a water main break on West 48th Street and Ninth Avenue when the blade suddenly broke off.

"I was on the right side of the sidewalk, suddenly everyone started yelling 'Get down! Move!'" witness Matthew Bisi told NBC. "It was just like crazy chaos. People screaming, all the construction workers."

"I just turned, kinda ducked, put my head down," he added. "Thing came flying right by my head, missed me by that much. You could hear it coming and it went right by me."

Police say the woman was sent to Bellevue Hospital with only minor injuries.