Woman Hit By Sliding Car In Rhode Island; Frightening Accident Caught On Camera

Surveillance video captured the terrifying moment when a car driving down a snowy street in Cranston, Rhode Island, crashed into a parked vehicle, then skidded and struck a young woman.

According to WPRI-TV, 18-year-old Taylor Pernini was involved in a multi-car crash on Thursday morning. She was standing on the side of the road following the accident speaking to another woman.

That's when another car, driving along the icy road, lost control and began careening towards the women. The driver of the sliding car “slammed on the brakes” in an attempt to regain control of the vehicle; however, the car was “unable to come to a stop because of ice,” per WJAR-TV.

The vehicle managed to avoid crashing into either woman directly; as the video shows, the car slammed into a parked car, then slid and crashed into Pernini.

Pernini was reportedly sent to the hospital following the collision, and released a few hours later.

“Things definitely could’ve unfolded a lot worse,” Denis Gamba, who was on the street at the time of the collision and narrowly missed being hit by the skidding car, told WPRI.

Gamba told WLNE-TV that police officers, who arrived on the scene following the first accident, had been yelling at people to move out of the way.

“If it wasn't for the policemen at the bottom of the hill yelling up for us to get out of the way, we would've got hurt,” Gamba said. “That's when I turned around and the car that was coming down the hill was about five feet away from me.”

The collision was reportedly just one of 46 accidents had happened in Cranston before 5 p.m. on Thursday, local police told WJAR.

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Caught On Camera