'Woman In Red' Actress Kelly LeBrock Opens Up About Painful Divorce From Steven Seagal

Former model Kelly LeBrock, who starred in the '80s hit movies "The Woman In Red" and "Weird Science," recently opened up about how her divorce from action star Steven Seagal left her reeling and caused her to retreat from Hollywood.

LeBrock spoke to The Daily Mail about her 1996 divorce and why it prompted her to move out of the spotlight and seek solace in Santa Barbara, Calif.

"I admit, I became a hermit," LeBrock said. "When I split with Steven, the divorce was very ugly, and details of the case were on the evening news. I didn't want my kids seeing it, so I simply got rid of the TV. I moved my kids out of LA so they could grow up with real people -- the kids of gas pump attendants, plumbers, and real family people."

And although she had once made her living off of her looks, LeBrock said the divorce left her without any self esteem.

"I feared everything and didn’t want to leave the house," she said. "I had absolutely no self-esteem. I hated myself."

LeBrock, who was previously married to the producer of "The Woman In Red," Victor Drai, from 1984 to 1986, briefly returned to the spotlight in 2006 when she appeared on the weight loss show "Celebrity Fit Club." LeBrock has been married to retired investment banker Fred Steck since 2007.

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