Woman Getting Off Bus Knocked Out By Airborne Deer

Sometimes there are no antlers to senseless violence.

A Washington, D.C. woman was getting off a bus Friday morning when a leaping deer sprang out of nowhere and knocked her to the ground.

"Just like a big white light hit me, I fell to the floor, and I didn't get back up," Dena Lyles told WJLA. "I'm still in a little pain, but I'm gonna be okay."

Witnesses said the deer had been walking up the road, but appeared to become startled by the crowd of people outside the bus and was attempting to jump over them.

Or, maybe the deer just heard about the whitetail who boarded a bus by jumping through the windshield in Pennsylvania last year, and he just wanted to join in on the fun.

If you're seriously worried about a bounding deer ruining your bus trip, try taking public transportation behind the former Iron Curtain.