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Woman Lives At Big Box Store For 2 Days Before 'Eviction'

A woman apparently found all the comforts of home at a Michigan department store, where she lived for two days before her "eviction."

The unidentified and unwanted tenant is a 45-year-old woman who "moved into" a Walmart in Grand Blanc Township on Jan. 6, with no plans to move out.

She was living with her son but he reportedly got kicked out because of an alleged drinking problem, reports.

The woman was able to blend in with other customers for the first couple of days, according to Detective Matt Harburn of the Grand Blanc Township Police Department.

"During the day, she'd just walk around and meander near the store," Harburn told "At night, apparently she'd go into the bathroom and sleep."

On Jan. 8, store managers were looking at surveillance video and noticed the woman had been there for two days.

They tried to get the unwanted tenant to leave several times before finally calling the police.

"When I first made contact with her she was sitting in a chair, she had her laptop in her lap with headphones in," Detective Matt Harburn told

At first, the woman was uncooperative and told police she had nowhere to go. Officers noticed she had a light jacket unsuited for the cold weather, Brighton Patch reports.

She was slapped with a disorderly person ticket and taken to the Grand Blanc Township Police Department where she was picked up by a relative.

Walmart employees told WNEM that it takes customer safety very seriously and the incident did not put customers in jeopardy.

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