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Proof You Should Check Under The Bed, In The Closet And Behind The Shower Curtain Every Night

Do your friends, lovers and family members mock you for your compulsion to check your home’s every nook and cranny (including cupboards and the oven because come on, what if it’s a really tiny burglar?!) for intruders before you go to bed?

A 61-year-old woman was simply looking for her cats when she reached under the bed at her Palm Springs, Florida home Tuesday night, the Sun Sentinel reports.

Instead of her lovable furballs or a couple of jingly toys, the woman — whose name has not been released — “touched human skin,” a police report obtained by the Sentinel said.

The man under the bed, who police later identified as 25-year-old Christian Vatovec, fled the scene. He is accused of taking a gold anklet and a digital camera, and is facing charges of burglary, grand theft and resisting arrest.

If this story isn’t enough justification to double check your living quarters every night, just close your eyes and think about the man who slept more than eight hours without realizing there was an 8-foot crocodile just underneath his mattress. If that still doesn’t get you, consider the fact that in 2011, a Guatemalan woman’s home was destroyed by a sinkhole that started under her own bed.

Also, flick the lights on and off three times. Just to make sure you don’t die.

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